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About Simple Farm

Know what's happening on your farm and with farm employees on daily basis. Record day by day work progress. Farm record keeping made easy all in one app. Farm employees enter tasks as they're working in fields. Data is then synced with farm manager's account. Even grain harvested will be stored in a bin inventory for end of year records (bin setup in from account setup)

Farmers are talking about sustainability Farmers are looking for traceability its here the farm record keeping app of the future SIMPLEFARM

Simple Farm Features

Operator Management



Operator management is a feature provided in web admin panel. Farm owner can login to his admin panel on web and then can start adding his farmers And other's who work on his farm. Farm owner will just need to add Name and Email of the person and when it is done, That person will get email with login detail. Once they have this detail, All they have to do is, Download app from Apple store and start using it.

Product Management



Farm owner can add product of his farm. To add product, Farm owner will just need to add Name of the product from web admin panel and it will allow Farmers to select product they are working on from iPhone app.

Field Management



Farm Owner can also add number of fields on his farm. He can just add name of the field and that field will be availing to operator to select from the list. Based on the task entered by operator in various fields, Farm owner will get comprehensive report of the work done. This will help Farm Owner to get some statistics of his farm.

Bin Management



Farm owner can also add detail of Bin available on farm. Along with bin, Farm Owner can add bin location and capacity of the same. Once this is added, it will be available to farmer to select in Phone app.

Crop Management



Crop management will allow farm owner to add detail of the crop planted on farm. Farm owner can add this detail same will be made available to farmer on iPhone app.This detail will be used to generate various reports on the farm is well. Along with Crop Name, Farm owner can also added number of bushels and amount of measurement is well.


Simple Farm give comprehensive report to farm owner. Farm owner can generate various reports like Farm Report and Filed Report. Farm report will give list of all the activity done on the farm between specific dates and fields report will give list of all the work done on that field during specified dates. This will help farm owner to keep track of the task and work done on the farm.




Seeding screen on iPhone/Ipad app will allow operator to detail of the seeding they are doing. They can just select their name from list of available names on farm and then can all the detail of the seeding that they work. This screen will give list of all the crops, Field and other detail that farm Owner added from web admin panel. Once this detail is added, it will be stored on the web and can be used in features to keep track of the work done. This screen will also give detail of current weather of the location operator is working on. Operator can just click on the icon of sun and cloud and it will give detail of current weather.




In iPhone/Ipad app, Operator can enter detail of the harvesting done by them they will just need to select crops and fields they are harvesting on and the same will be added to web based database. Also user can add number of acres they harvested.




From spraying screen, Farmers can add detail of the spraying done .They can select Crop they spraying on and on can select the field is well. Apart from that they can also add detail like herbicide, water volume and amount of acres they done spraying. Also they will get detail of current weather from the available option.

Grain Cart



From screen of Grain Cart on IPhone/Ipad app, operator can enter detail of the same. They can select crop ,date and field on which they have worked on. Once this is done, this detail will be stored in web based database so that farm owner can use the same feature of needed.




Trucking screen will allow operator to enter of the tucking work they have done. They can select crop they are trucking and weight of the same. They can also select destination of the same. From all of this screen they can enter special notes and will help them to specify any detail they want apart from the list of available fields.